Information Kiosk

Information Kiosk

Kiosk is a device or machine that functions as an information terminal (in the context of an information kiosk), or as a food & beverage terminal (in the context of food kiosks or soft drink kiosks), in the context of its application.

Information kiosks are generally placed in places that many people visit or pass through such as hotel lobbies, airports, or malls.

Kiosk details are a combination of several hardware and software. On the hardware side there is a casing or better known as kiosk box, there is a CPU (Central Processing Unit) as a data processing device, then there are Display devices (LCD or LED, Touchscreen or Non Touchscreen), and also input devices (such as keyboards, mice, barcode reader) and output (such as printers, product ejectors). The software side is an application that becomes the interface between kiosks and kiosk users.

In the past, the function of the kiosk was quite narrow. people more often say that kiosks are ATMs, kiosks are ticket printing machines. But now the kiosk has been widely applied to various places and needs, such as product displays, food information, soft drinks, attendance machines, game, information, internet, etc.

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