Attendance Machine

Attendance Machine

Attendance machine is a machine that is used to record the presence of employees, students and members of an organization. Attendance machines are widely used in offices, schools, agencies and even on a project.

The role of the attendance machine is very important to record working hours, especially for companies that calculate salaries or wages using a time count. Attendance machines are also very important to use in schools to record student attendance, including to help teach discipline to students.

The type of attendance machine we provide:

1. Digital attendance machine

This type of machine is an early development of digital era digital machines, how to use it using a PIN, barcode card or magnetic card.

2. Biometric attendance machine

The latest attendance machine uses a biometric detection sensor or detection of human body parts, there are currently biometric attendance machines that use fingerprints (fingerprints), sounds and faces. Maybe in the future there will be many more types of sensors used such as the retina of the eye.

There are many benefits to using attendance machines, including:

  1. The use of attendance machines produces accurate recording with very minimal error rates
  2. Attendance machine also offers fast recording.

Schematic of Attendance Machine :

The Attendance machine brand that we provided is Solution, Zkteco, Magic